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Super Greens for Health: Choose Your Favourite


Spirulina is a type of algae that grows on the oceans surface.  It was discovered to be great for boosting energy levels for every day use or for athletes. One well known Olympic gold medalists I served in a health store many years ago in Sydney said the only supplement he used during training and to boost his performance before an event was spirulina.

It is ridiculously high in protein at around 60-70%, and contains high concentrations of a multitude of vitamins and minerals such as B12, iron, and essential fatty acids. One serving is basically like having a bucket of fresh vegetables. So it is also great in smoothies for children who are fussy eaters too.

Chlorella is a chlorophyll based fresh water plant. Its main function is as a full body cleanser, detoxifier and blood alkalizer. It has been claimed as “one of the most nutritiously dense foods on the planet” by Synergy Natural, the most respected producers of good quality green foods. And it’s not hard to see why with Chlorella’s intense levels of all the amino acids, many vitamins, most macro and trace minerals, antioxidants and the good fats. It is almost considered a ‘complete food’, with virtually the same nutritional content as eating a meal of fish and steamed vegetables. 

Barley Grass is a powder made from the young leaves of the barley plant. It’s main function is to help rid the body of over-acid states which can contribute to pain, inflammation, rashes, acne and even being overweight. Barley grass helps to alkalise and balance the natural ph. of the body. It contains chlorophyll, a multitude of vitamins and minerals, enzymes and fibre to boot.

Wheat grass is the grass of the wheat plant either freshly juiced or dried in a powder. Its main functions are to improve digestion and increase the metabolism. Again, super high in most of the vitamins and minerals, trace elements, protein and fibre. Why not grab some today?

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DSC06668Honor Tremain - Nutritionist and health writer

Honor Tremain is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist with a Bachelor in Health Sciences.

 She has been working in the field of health for the last 20 years.

 Honor is the Nutrition Journalist for the global Fitness First Magazine, and columnist for the APN newspapers in Queensland, with her own “Ask Honor” column. She is a corporate health speaker and additionally treats clients in her busy private practice.

 She is a director and recipe designer for the new food company Neo Bella Health Foods.

 Honor is passionate about education people in the truth about food, nutrition and health, so stays abreast with the latest scientific research, regularly interviewing experts in the field and marrying it with traditional philosophy and wisdom.


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