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I was first introduced to Synergy Spirulina about 10 years ago. I soon noticed a great change in my health and wellbeing. A couple of time over the last decade I have found I am tired and lethargic if I cease taking it. Spirulina does wonders at minimising hangovers if I take 4 before bed! I will not stop taking spirulina for the rest of my life. I am always telling my friends it is magic!

M. Butteriss Annerley,


Synergy Spirulina is my magic food which keeps me alive, I have a small appetite and I take Synergy Spirulina every morning. It gives me energy and nutrients – keeps me going for the whole day! I love it! I could not live without it!



A. Lee Croydon,


I find Synergy Spirulina necessary as I am a vegan and it gives me the necessary nutrients such as B12 that I need every day. I am 65 years old and have taken it for years.



J. Hyde Bethania,


I have been taking Synergy Spirulina for many years (10 years.)  It’s just a great natural product.  I feel very energetic and healthy.  Should I have the flu, I increase to 10 tablets a day for an energy booster.  It’s the best vitamin/protein supplement!  Thanks Synergy!



Doris Bondi,


I’ve been enjoying Synergy Spirulina powder for years and usually have it in orange juice but started having it in muesli with rice milk.  My 2-year-old son wanted to try it and he has become hooked on it.  When I open the cupboard even though there are biscuits in full view he always immediately points to the Synergy Spirulina powder.  He chooses that with the muesli and milk even over biscuits.



Stewart, NSW


“My name is Angie Simpson, and my family have been taking your premium spirulina tablets for two years now. I was compelled to write to you as i truly believe your product has incredibly helped my son, Cody, 11 years of age, to great success in his sporting achievements and academic achievements. He is the current Australian Champion for the four individual strokes: freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breast-stroke. He has taken your spirulina tablets morning and night, right through his heavy training routine, for two years, he never gets sick like all the other kids around him and I credit his health and his success in the pool an enormous amount on your product.” Feb 2008






I have been using Synergy Spirulina for almost 5 months now. My family and friends are on it too. I have found many benefits as I have been out of work and stressed over debts. But when I started taking Synergy Spirulina tablets I intended to take better care of myself and from that moment on I am a lot more active. I’m playing with a football team and my concentration is massively improving with reading and taking in information. 





Living a very hectic lifestyle travelling internationally almost every 2nd week, Synergy Spirulina has given me the energy to maintain a focus and pace that is unbelievable. On the rare occasions I forget to take the tablets, I notice the difference.



L. Pastrello, NSW


After reading on that Synergy Spirulina has 300% more protein than meat I decided to try it out for weight loss to replace my protein powder. And it has had way better results! It filled me up so much that I had downsized my meals and gave me more energy than my protein powder ever did! Not only has it helped me lose weight and increase muscle mass, the best part is that I could buy 4 tubs of Synergy Spirulina for the same price as my protein powder! My body loves having something natural in it rather than the processed formulas I previously used. There is no way I will go back to using protein powder, thanks to Spirulina!



Michelle, NSW


I’d like to say that Synergy Spirulina is the most fabulous tablet I have ever taken.  After my husband died, I was depressed and couldn’t leave the house.  I was not eating well, my hair was dry and my nails were soft and brittle. I took 4 Synergy Spirulina tablets morning, lunch and evening for 2 months and have found it the most fantastic supplement, which has given me a new lease of life. I now eat properly and well enough to leave the house. My skin is like silk, my nails stronger and my hair is growing. You simply don’t need anything else.



Veronica, SA


Being an athlete, training and performing at my best is of the greatest importance, as is maintaining good health and wellbeing.  Taking Synergy Spirulina powder has allowed me to do just this, supplying me with the extra vitamins and minerals that give me the energy to train and race at my very best.  Finding such results has allowed me to replace the commercial supplements I had been taking to maintain optimum health, saving me money and giving me confidence that I am putting a natural certified Australian product in my body.



Lara Maroubra, NSW


I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivities following a bout of Glandular Fever. Synergy Natural Spirulina is an absolute godsend to me and forms a crucial part of my diet. My doctor suggested to take Spirulina because my diet was low in protein and other nutrients.  I tried several other brands before Synergy Natural but I reacted to them because of the fillers they contained. I had no problems at all with Synergy Natural Spirulina because it is pure spirulina.  It has made a huge difference to my life and my health and energy levels have improved significantly.  I wholeheartedly recommend Synergy Natural Spirulina to people with chronic illnesses, allergies and intolerances, or even healthy people who want to remain that way and improve their energy levels.  It is a brilliant product!



Elizabeth Camden, NSW


Our family has been consuming Synergy Spirulina for 5 years and we attribute our robust health and generally high energy levels to the consumption on a daily basis to Synergy Spirulina.  My son, 20 years of age uses the tablets. The eldest son 28 years of age uses the powder and comments on high energy levels when consuming the powdered Synergy on a daily basis.  My eldest daughter, 27 years of age (a medical doctor) can not do without her Synergy Spirulina powder on a daily basis and swears that her energy levels are much higher when consuming  Synergy Spirulina.  We are extremely happy with the consistent high quality and find it very good value for money compared to other products. We have used both the organic and non-organic with similar results.



Eddie Springwood, NSW


I am compelled to write to you as I am totally convinced that your Synergy Organic Spirulina Tablets have been a big contributing factor to my 11 year old son's swimming success over the last couple of years. Cody is current national champion in every stroke for his age and has just recently broken a Queensland record in the 50m Freestyle. He has just been chosen to swim at the Pan Pacific School Games in December this year in every stroke.

He has taken your company's Organic Spirulina Tablets for the past 2 years day and night, he hardly ever get's sick, and this i truly believe is due to his constant Spirulina intake. We recommend your product to everyone that asks what he takes for supplements for his training program.

Thank you Synergy for your great product and we will continue to take this awesome product.

Angie Simpson,


My family has been taking Synergy Premium Spirulina tablets for two years now. I truly believe your product has incredibly helped my 11 year old son to great success in his sporting achievements and academic achievements. He is the current Australian Champion for the four individual strokes: freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breast-stroke. He has taken Synergy Spirulina tablets morning and night, right through his heavy training routine, for two years, he never gets sick like all the other kids around him and I credit his health and his success in the pool an enormous amount to Synergy Spirulina.





I have suffered from fatigue for the last 10 years and have found that although I was able to sleep all night, I still wake up tired, and then want to sleep all through the day. I felt defeated as I was sleeping my life away. Since coming across Synergy Spirulina, I have an abundance of energy, and I can't believe that it's all natural too. I am also 4 and a half months pregnant now, so this is a supplement that I am allowed to take with no ill effects to my baby. Thank you so much once again, for giving me back my abundance of energy and a new lease on life.





Synergy Spirulina Organic has definitely made a difference physically and mentally. I no longer get pimples, my skin is radiant, my anaemia has disappeared and I don’t feel tired and sluggish during the day. With my busy lifestyle I eat on the go and don’t always get to eat a proper diet, but with Synergy Spirulina I get all the vitamins and minerals I need to nourish my blood and body. Spirulina makes me feel and look great and is now a staple part of my diet.   



Mandita, NSW


My son uses the Organic Synergy Spirulina tablets for swimming. He is 10 years old and trains 6 sessions a week. We give him 20 - 25 tablets a day. Since having the tablets his energy levels have greatly increased and in doing so he has made the QLD swimming team by winning silver in both 50m Butterfly and 50m Backstroke. He now goes to Sydney to swim at the National Titles in Sydney in June this year.

S. Harrison, QLD

I have been taking your product for quite a few months now and find it very beneficial. It is so complete that I find it unnecessary to take any other vitamin or mineral supplements. After reading your advertisement in Living NOW magazine, I looked up your new website. It is very interesting and informative. After reading the information you have, I am more resolved than ever to keep taking this excellent product.



C. Clune, 


I wanted to congratulate you on your great product since I started taking it three months ago, I have had excellent results; my weight has levelled off, and my energy has increased to what they used to be 10 years ago when I was 22.  I rock climb 3 times a week and my workouts can last longer and my muscles are recovering much faster than they used to. I have also stopped craving a lot of snacks between meals as the Synergy Spirulina seems to keep me satisfied longer.  I highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to increase the general well being. Thanks again.



A. Sunderland, Sydney NSW


Several years ago I had gone through few dramatic changes in my life and was lacking in energy. It didn’t matter how much sleep I got or what foods I ate – I was depleted. I discovered Synergy Spirulina in a health food store and everything changed. My energy levels rose and I lost weight! I love Synergy Spirulina.



J. Lettau, Kensington NSW


After taking Synergy Spirulina for 1 year, I was told by my naturopath I had the highest iron count he had ever seen in a vegetarian.



M. Flanagan,


I realised recently that I suffer from depression and a friend put me on to Synergy Spirulina. After 2 days my energy is back and no depression. My left hand and left brain function improved dramatically – I can now go back to painting, decorating and drumming.



S. Parry,


I have been using Synergy Spirulina for 2 ½ years and I find it fantastic! I have not been sick with a cold or anything for that matter. Ever since taking them my weight has come off and I’m maintaining it by using Synergy Spirulina. I have put heaps of people onto it and they love it! I swear by it, so I would like to say a big thank you.



M. Townsend, Endeavour Hills Vic


I love Synergy Spirulina!! I started with the Synergy Spirulina powder but now moved on to the tablets. Great stuff!! It’s the natural alternative that we all need. I felt a difference after one week. 



J. Thomson, Pennant Hills NSW


I was in intensive care on a ventilator 2 weeks ago. I had experienced massive blood loss and after leaving hospital my body was slow to heal – hair loss, memory loss, low energy and immune system was weak. I was introduced to Synergy Spirulina and within 2 weeks new hair was growing and I began to heal. Since then I’ve introduced my children, my mother and my 80 year old Uncle who swears by it!



L. Janda, Wynnum QLD

    Super Greens

    I am in love with the new product "Super greens"!! I am a very health conscientious active mother of 3 boys and am now 9months pregnant. During my pregnancy I have experienced morning sickness on and off. During that time I could not stomach anything solid without spending the whole day miserable and queasy. I had been drinking spirulina until "Super greens" was brought to my attention. Now, I almost live off Super greens!! I love it. I mix it in with 50/50 juice and water with frozen berries in place of ice cubes and use as added food for my squashed-up stomach and I know that if I dont manage much 'solid' food I'm still feeding my body and my baby a wonderful array of nutrients as well as consuming something that is not going to upset my belly and simply tastes really good. I remember when I first started drinking Spirulina- it took my tastebuds a little while to adjust. But with Super greens, the first taste was beautiful!! I decided to try it with my children, even though they were not keen on previous "green drinks" I'd made for them. As soon as they tried it, they loved it too!! They asked if they could have it every day and I was so happy with that. I have already gone through our first tub because we all love it so much. I feel confident my children and I are now not missing out on any nutrients or minerals in our diets that our bodies need and I no longer waste my money on multi-vitamins that are poorly absorbed by the body anyway. I have now recommended the product to a number of friends and family- especially to one of my closest friends as an aid to help her get healthier, as her diet is rather lacking in good whole foods and she asked me how she can get healthy and lose weight. If I were famous, I would definitely put my name to this product without hesitation!! In fact, I WISH I were famous so I could endorse it. I cannot say it enough, I LOVE SYNERGY'S NEW SUPER GREENS, me and my three children!!



    Liz Sharp,

    Hi, my name is Sandi and this is my "Synergy Natural story". I have had CFS and other health issues for years. And I have known and researched and found out about the many benefits of taking green supplements. I have also been advised to take them by different health care professionals. Over the years I have taken many different brands. I found some did nothing and some made a bit of difference. But the ones that made a bit of difference were just ridiculously priced, and I could not afford to keep on taking them. Then I found Synergy Natural. I take their barley powder and their wheat grass powder. I noticed the difference from day one. I just felt cleaner, lighter, less acidic, less toxic, and my energy levels and health improved a little more each day. I have put my friends on it and they notice the difference too and wouldn't be without it. We all say if we have over done it with food, or stress or have a headache, or are just run down in general, we grab an extra heaped spoon of Synergy Natural's greens and we are fine again. So thank you Synergy Natural for your high quality and well price products, which means now I can afford to be healthy!




      Chlorella is the best detoxifer I have found, and I love your product as it is the purest on the market, thanks Synergy.



      Helen, Terry Hills.