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Wheat grass - a Fantastic Natural Detoxifier

Wheat grass is a fantastic natural detoxifier, helping remove toxins from the body and skin. Consuming wheatgrass regularly can help cleanse the body and promote clearer healthier looking skin, while reducing the likelihood of breakouts.


A Superior Source of Chlorophyll


Wheat grass is a superior source of chlorophyll, which has been proven to aid in detoxification of the blood and tissues. Wheat grass also has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities that can help improve skin healing. 

Abundant Antioxidants

The antioxidants found in wheat grass help prevent free radicals caused from environmental toxins such as UV exposure and pollution, helping to prevent cellular damage and premature aging. This superfood also contains skin nourishing vitamins A, C and E.

Wheat grass is a super super-oxide dismutase (SOD) boosting food. SOD is one of the most powerful antioxidants made by the body that helps slow down cellular aging. SODs main role in the body is to fight the damaging free radical superoxide. If you don’t have enough SOD cells including skin cells will start to age faster and die. As you get older you don’t produce as much of this important antioxidant. Eating more foods like wheatgrass that boost SOD levels will help prevent wrinkles and premature aging, as well as improving wound healing and burns, hyperpigmentation and skin redness, and offer some protection from UV rays.

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Lisa Guy BWLisa Guy - Art of Healing

Lisa Guy is a highly qualified Sydney based naturopath and author, with 10 years of clinical experience. Lisa runs a busy naturopathic clinic in Double Bay called ‘Art of Healing’. Lisa is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and wellbeing, through good wholesome foods, nutritional supplementation, healing herbs and homeopathic remedies. Being a mum of two, Lisa has a particular interest in supporting women through pregnancy and beyond, and for children’s health and nutrition. Lisa is also the author of ‘My Goodness: all you need to know about children’s health and nutrition’, ‘Heal Yourself’, and ‘Pregnancy Essentials’. Lisa is an avid health writer, being the resident nutritionist for Body and Soul magazine, and regularly writing for a number of health and natural parenting magazines and websites.





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