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Posted by Naturopath . on
  •  Cut out the stimulants! Yes that includes coffee! Caffeine is a powerful trigger for the release of adrenalin which, when we’re stressed, we certainly do not need any more of. Switch to herbal teas and Dandelion coffee and drop coffee, tea, and energy drinks from your diet.
  • Plan regular exercise. The only efficient way to utilise adrenalin and eliminate it from your system is to physically burn it off. Get walking, running, boxing, swimming, dancing, playing tennis etc.
  • Retain a regular sleeping pattern. Getting enough sleep, and quality sleep, regularly is important to keep those stress hormones away and it gives your body a chance to rest.
  • Create space for solitude. Time and space for reflection is super important in our fast paced life. Allow yourself time to simply stop and just be.
  • Express your emotions. This could be in the form of talking with a supportive friend, family member, or even a therapist. Writing my feelings down in on paper always works a treat for me. It’s certainly not healthy to keep things bottled up and it’s almost impossible to deal with what’s going on for you if it’s stuck inside. Allow yourself to express all those sticky emotions.



Corona Brady Rogers – Health and Life Coach + Yoga Teacher

I know that true health and happiness comes from the inside out and I offer you my heart as a healer, coach and yoga teacher.

As the Founder of Nurture Pod, I work very closely with my clients to support them to make positive changes in their life, based on their individual needs and tailored in a completely loving way.

My approach is not about counting calories or focusing on restrictions, but working in partnership with you to create a nourishing life.

I thrive on inspiring, teaching and motivating women just like you by sharing my years of training, experience and personal battles, to help you on your journey towards blissful balance.

Friend. Teacher. Guide. Light. Whichever way you wish to look at it, I’m here for you.





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