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Preparation is key for living a healthy life. When you make time for planning you meals at the start of each new week, it makes your life so much easier and it means you won’t be tempted to opt for those unhealthy easy options.


What I like to do each Sunday afternoon is take some time out and plan ahead for my week ahead. I'll decide what I'll cook during the week and then I'll go about and purchase what I need so I have everything on hand. 


I may pre-cook and freeze some meals if I’ve a very busy week ahead. Something I like to do is make a big batch of chicken or vegetable stock and I’ll use this in my meals for the week. I also like to cook up a batch of whole grains; brown rice, black rice, quinoa etc. and I’ll use in my porridges, salads, soups etc. for the week. It saves so much time on cooking. 








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