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Travel does not mean compromising healthy habits! ‘If it is important to you, you will find a way, If is not you will find an excuse.’

Preparation is key! kerrie blog 29.09.2014

For any travelling adventure there are 5 key items that I will not compromise:

  1. Water bottle
  2. Synergy Natural Supergreen Tablets
  3. Sunwarrior Protein
  4. Vitamins
  5. Healthy snacks prepared at home inclusive of nuts, goji berries, seaweed and my mmm super balls

I have had a two-day conference commencing at 7.30am and wrapping at 5pm each day, leaving no room to shop for healthy supplies. Been prepared has made all the difference.

This morning I found a cafe that made gluten free muesli topped with natural yoghurt and berries. I requested the yoghurt and berries be served separate so I could mix my protein through the yoghurt! Voila! Happy me. Ordinarily I opt for my Sunwarrior Ormus greens but as it is powder form I am thrilled I can fall back onto Synergy Naturals convenient super green tablets. These green super babies will be joining me in 7 weeks during my travels to Doha, Qatar for my 100km World Championships.

This week I have been challenged with a debilitating virus, multiple interstate trips, training, compromising training, work, family, crowds of people, expectations and a two-day training conference. Our health is everything. It is during such challenging times that we can be tempted to fall in a heap and compromise our healthy habits. However this is the time we must rise and really enforce our healthy choices, nourish ourselves and honour what our body needs…Nutrition, nourishment and rest.

Combine being unwell with travelling and we can become unstuck. By instilling habitual health in our daily routine it makes the times when we are challenged easier. By being prepared you can avoid temptation and ensure your body gets what it needs to help it thrive.

Choose to make habitual health a way of being.


Kerrie Otto de Grancy – Micro Miracles Matter

Kerrie Otto de Grancy is an elite athlete, founder of Micro Miracles Matter and a super mum to 2 amazing children. With a background in fashion design, Kerrie started Micro Miracles Matter to start raising awareness and securing support for blood donations as a result of almost losing her first born, Bella who was born prematurely. Kerrie is driven to make a difference in the world. When she’s not running her own business, Kerrie is dedicated to running in the wide open spaces…she is on on the Australian Ultra running team, holds 3 Australian records and is ranked number one all time fastest Australian Female in the 50 mile road. .Kerrie is living proof that anybody can make a difference and live a happy, healthy life with the right attitude, nutrition and exercise regime…if it’s important to you you’ll find a way.


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