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Posted by Carolyn Lees on


Maximise the Health Benefits of Your Workout with Watercress

We all know that regular moderate exercise is good for our general health and fitness. However when we exercise our bodies increased need for energy can in turn increase the production of free radicals that damage cells in the body including our DNA. Scientists have discovered that if you eat watercress a couple of hours before a workout you can alleviate some of the natural stress put on your body and help prevent this free radical damage, according to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Eating this antioxidant-rich green leafy vegetable before exercise will help you maximise the health benefits of your workout. Participants in the study consumed a small bag (85 g) of watercress daily to achieve these results. Watercress contains health-promoting antioxidant vitamins that help protect and support our bodies while keeping fit and healthy through regular exercise. 



Lisa Guy BWLisa Guy - Art of Healing

Lisa Guy is a highly qualified Sydney based naturopath and author, with 10 years of clinical experience. Lisa runs a busy naturopathic clinic in Double Bay called ‘Art of Healing’. Lisa is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and wellbeing, through good wholesome foods, nutritional supplementation, healing herbs and homeopathic remedies. Being a mum of two, Lisa has a particular interest in supporting women through pregnancy and beyond, and for children’s health and nutrition. Lisa is also the author of ‘My Goodness: all you need to know about children’s health and nutrition’, ‘Heal Yourself’, and ‘Pregnancy Essentials’. Lisa is an avid health writer, being the resident nutritionist for Body and Soul magazine, and regularly writing for a number of health and natural parenting magazines and websites.





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