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Lucinda’s Adventure with Super Greens

Posted by Ewa Media Collaborator on

How an “All-natural It-Girl” Stays Healthy on the Road with Organic Greens

Lucinda Dennis is a Sydney born travel and lifestyle blogger, whose travels are followed by over 27,000 Instagram users worldwide. Lucina enjoys nothing more than delving into the different foods, styles and ways of life around the world.

But jet-setting around the world is not all fun and games. Living constantly on the road might seem exhilarating and even glamorous, but between hotels, AirBnbs and overnight flights, a consistent commitment to a healthy routine can be a serious challenge. Before becoming a Synergy Natural ambassador, Lucina first discovered chlorella when she began experiencing exhaustion and low energy levels while travelling.

After discovering green superfoods, a morning green smoothie quickly became a habit she swears by. “I always travel with a container of Chlorella and make sure I have a glass every morning (the ultimate jet lag cure!)” - she says.

With this “morning energy boost” Lucinda found a way to supercharge her nutrition and easily increase her intake of essential vitamins and nutrients, before she heads out the door for a busy day of sightseeing and exploration. “It’s like Red Bull x100! It also fills you up so alongside breakfast you are totally satisfied until lunchtime.”

Seasoned travellers know that hopping from one timezone to another can really mess up women’s hormonal balance, which manifests with disrupted menstrual cycle and skin problems. Lucinda found that a daily boost of green superfoods keeps her body in equilibrium. “Not only has it helped my energy levels, it has also helped with my skin. I find it has really helped with my overall complexion. Blemishes have been reduced and I feel my skin is not as red and angry”.

How to get started with green superfoods?

Having been a fan of chlorella for quite some time now, Lucinda is now a Super Greens convert.  Synergy Natural Super Greens combine four of nature’s most nutrient-rich green superfoods: spirulina, chlorella, barley grass and wheat grass, offering a powerful but balanced daily dose of nutrition. This potent, all-natural blend of organic greens contains a vast array of natural vitamins and minerals and is high in antioxidants to assist in the removal of free radicals.

Lucinda found that while tablets initially seemed easier to take on the go, she prefers the Super Greens Powder, that can be mixed with any liquid for a hydrating and energising morning drink.

Start your adventure with Super Greens today: order now!

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