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Wonderful Spices

Let’s have a look at some delicious spices that have been used traditionally for hundreds and even thousands of years in the East, because of their health giving properties.

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is a common spice, used for flavor and colour in many Eastern dishes. It contains the active plant chemical ‘curcumin’, which has high antioxidant activity, stops free radicals from aging or damaging our cells, can decrease pain, inflammation and swelling, and is thought to have a great role to play in treating cancer. Dr Timothy Moynihan from the Mayo clinic says that laboratory studies have found curcumin to “prevent cancer, slow the spread of cancer, make chemotherapy more effective and protect healthy cells from damage by radiation therapy.”

Cinnamon, an ancient remedy

Cinnamon, yes, simple cinnamon you sometimes add to porridge or on top of fancy coffees has been used for centuries to relieve nausea and diarrhea. It helps circulation, warming the body. It improves the digestion of fats. It can be used to stabilize blood sugar in diabetes, and can help with weight loss as well as fighting fungal infections.


Spicy Health: Cayenne Pepper

The delectably hot and spicy cayenne pepper has many health properties, whilst being high in Vitamins A, bioflavonoids, and containing more Vitamin C than an orange, it can kill many fungal infections, and can strengthen capillary walls and decrease blood clots. Cayenne is great for fighting off a cold or sore throat and has been seen to be very valuable in treating arthritis, psoriasis and type II diabetes.


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Honor Tremain - Nutritionist and Health Writer

Honor is a qualified naturopathic Nutritionist and health writer. She is very passionate about nutrition and health, and has been working in the field for almost 20 years.  Honor is the head nutrition writer for the multi-national Fitness First magazine, which won best app for an iPhone & tablet device in 2011 for the ‘Magazine excellence awards’.  Honor also has her own ‘Ask Honor’ column and weekly health article in the APN newspapers for The Fraser Coast Chronicle and Observer in QLD.  She designs weight loss meals and menu’s for Sydney based food manufacturer Core Food Concepts.   Honor has lectured and supervised the Nutritional medicine students at one of Sydney’s largest Natural therapies college’s- Nature Care College.  You can follow her and many of her articles on Facebook at:





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