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Where our products are lovingly grown

Synergy Natural Source

The source of Australia's finest Synergy Natural Spirulina and Synergy Natural Chlorella is a sub-tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, isolated from heavy industrial operations and utilizing pure, underground spring water as the growth medium.

Synergy Natural Barley and Wheat grass is grown on a certified organic farm near the banks of the mighty Murray River in picturesque regional Victoria, Australia. This region is a clean, pollution free environment, isolated from high density urban development and heavy industrial operations.

Synergy Natural Quality

As fresh water is the medium in which these micro-algae grow (Spirulina and Chlorella do not grow in sea water), the water source is the most important factor in determining the quality and purity of any brand of spirulina or chlorella. Many other producers use filtered municipal water which usually contains fluoride, chlorine, aluminium and other chemicals. Some even utilize local river water as their source which is likely to contain numerous man-made chemicals from agricultural and industrial run-off.

Unlike most other brands, all Synergy Natural’s products whether in powder or tablet form is 100% pure without binders, additives or excipients, and is flushed with nitrogen to keep out the most damaging substance to dried, natural plant ingredients, which is oxygen. The second most damaging is light, so Synergy Natural does not pack into glass (clear or amber), but opaque HDPE recyclable plastic which acts as an effective barrier to light. Glass, although a wonderful recyclable material is in this instance not the most desirable as the potency and shelf life may be reduced in a short time due to light transmission and oxidation if oxygen is not excluded.


What makes Synergy Natural better than other Wheat Grass or Barley Grass?

Synergy Natural Barley and Wheat Grass are grown organically (i.e. without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides) in open fertile soils. Cereal grass shoots grown in this way achieve normal root growth as well as proper leaf development and therefore they have a much higher nutritional value compared to grasses grown indoors in shallow trays.

The green grass shoots are harvested before the jointing stage when they at their nutritional peak. Only the top 10 centimeters of the grass is harvested as this section has the highest nutrient concentration.

A premium process is used to preserve the nutritional content of the grass and capture the live enzymes. This involves low temperature warm air drying and milling into powder form - as a result our cereal products retain much the same benefits of a live food.




Synergy Natural Spirulina& Chlorella Manufacturing 

Spirulina, a microscopic fresh-water micro-algae, is grown in a controlled high-sunshine, naturally warm, clean environment, well away from the pollution of densely-populated industrial zones. Spirulina-dense liquid is gently pumped into spray-driers and low-temperature dried into fine powder, then immediately hermetically vacuum-packed into bags. Powders are simply packed straight into 100g, 200g, 500g and 1kg bottles or jars. Tablets are made by special low-temperature direct-compression techniques in low-speed tableting machines to provide a pure tablet with no excipients and maximum purity. After counting they are packed into 100, 200, 500 1,000 and 2,000 tablet bottles or jars.


Synergy Natural bottles are nitrogen-flushed prior to filling to minimise contact with oxygen, thereby preserving our products to provide low degradation and maximum shelf life. As nitrogen is a much larger, heavier molecule than oxygen, nitrogen flushing displaces the oxygen and acts like a barrier to repel oxygen entry and is the preferred choice of leading brands.

Our products are sealed with pressure-sensitive seals and capped with tamper-evident closures in opaque, recyclable HDPE plastic. HDPE is industry standard for approximately 70% of premium quality health products.


Synergy Natural Certified Organic Spirulina & Chlorella are grown in natural spring water on a sub-tropical island in the Pacific Ocean using certified organic plant material as a food source. With ACO (Australian Certified Organic) certification, you can be sure that every step of the process from the growing to the packing is carefully undertaken without any exposure to man-made chemicals.


Synergy Natural Premium Spirulina & Chlorella is also grown in natural spring water on a sub-tropical island in the Pacific Ocean and sensitively handled with uncompromised standards resulting in pure and premium quality products.

The drying process for both Organic and Premium involves varying temperatures depending on where in the drying chamber a piece of the plant finds itself. The water around the plant is evaporated with hot air and by the time a piece has dried, it has landed in a cooler area at the bottom of the silo. The lowest possible temperatures are used, and the whole process is designed to minimize any heat damage to the end product, retaining the highest available level of nutrients.