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Chlorella FAQ

Where is Synergy Chlorella grown?

Synergy Premium Chlorella is grown in spring water, sourced from an environmentally protected natural spring on a sub-tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. 

Synergy Organic Chlorella is grown in spring water ponds located on Hainan Island, to date the only place in the world able to meet the stringent international and organic certification standards for chlorella.

What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is one of nature’s richest and  most complete source of total organic nutrition. The green superfood containing over 100 synergistic nutrients comes from a microscopic freshwater plant, ecologically grown without chemicals and concentrated by removing nothing but the water. Chlorella is used widely around the world as a food supplement for maintaining health, energy and personal vitality. It is considered to be one of the world’s few ‘super foods’ and one of nature’s most efficient and natural detoxifiers of heavy metals and other environmental toxins.

What is in it?

Chlorella is a whole food that contains a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, but in a way that is superior to commercially produced vitamin supplements., because they are bio-chelated. This means that the nutrients in chlorella are more bio-available and balanced. Even though the nutrients in chlorella are highly potent they can never accumulate in your body or become toxic. Beta carotene for example is the precursor to Vitamin A (important for the immune system) and is high in chlorella. Chlorella is 60% protein, in the form of amino acids, of which it contains 18 of the 22 known forms, including the essential ones. This is a far superior form of protein than say; meat, fish or eggs.

Chlorella, which is very high in iron, also contains enzymes (including pepsin for digestion), carbohydrates and over 18% is Chlorella Growth Factor (high in RNA and DNA) the building blocks of life. Chlorella is a pure, potent and balanced wholefood, just as nature intended it.

How is Synergy Chlorella manufactured?

Chlorella, a microscopic fresh-water micro-algae, is grown in a controlled high-sunshine, naturally warm, clean environment, well away from the pollution of densely-populated zones.

Chlorella-dense liquid is gently pumped into spray-driers and low-temperature dried into fine powder, then immediately hermetically vacuum-packed into 20 to 50kg bags.

Chlorella powder is simply packed straight into 100 g, 200g, 500g and 1kg bottles or jars. Tablets are made by special low- temperature direct-compression techniques in low-speed tableting machines to provide a pure tablet with no excipients and maximum purity. After counting they are packed into 100, 200, 500 1,000 and 2,000 tablet bottles or jars.

All Synergy Chlorella bottles are nitrogen-flushed prior to filling to minimise oxygen, thereby preserving the Chlorella to provide low degradation and maximum shelf life. They are sealed with pressure-sensitive seals and capped with tamper-evident closures. Labels have both batch-codes and a maximum three-year expiry date printed before application to the bottles.


I’ve heard that Chlorella has an indigestible cell wall that make it difficult to digest the nutrients inside the plant?

In it’s natural state chlorella grows with very strong cell walls. These have to be ‘cracked’ open in the drying process so that the nutrients are allowed to be released and assimilated directly into your system. The ‘cracking’ process utilises a superior technology that pulverises the cell wall but doesn’t damage the integrity of either the taste or the nutrient value of the plant.

Are there any additives in Synergy Chlorella?

Synergy Chlorella products are the most natural chlorella products on the market. Both the tablet and powder forms are 100% natural and contain nothing but chlorella, no binders, no fillers, no nothing (apart from Chlorella).

Is Chlorella safe?

Synergy Chlorella is grown in strictly monitored conditions and rigorously tested for fungal and bacterial contamination and heavy metals throughout the production process.

Can vegetarians and vegans take Synergy Chlorella?

Synergy Chlorella products are 100% vegetable origin and are an ideal food supplement for vegetarians and vegans as it provides all the natural plant source of protein, iron and chlorophyll needed, in addition to other vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that vegetarians and vegans commonly  lack in their diets.

Can women take Synergy Chlorella during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Nutrition during these times is particularly important. Chlorella is, indeed safe for both pregnancy and breastfeeding.

As a freshwater plant which is concentrated by removing nothing but water, Synergy Chlorella is 100% natural and, as such, will not cause excess problems with any particular vitamin or mineral. With Chlorella as with any other natural plant food, the body takes the nutrients that it needs and discards what it doesn’t want unlike synthetically derived vitamins and minerals (most brands) which can contribute to vitamin and mineral imbalances.

The consumption quantities on our product’s label are safe levels during pregnancy or whilst breast feeding – it just depends how much you want to take to enjoy a boost in nutrient and energy levels.

Synergy Chlorella’s easy-to-digest protein and bio-available iron without any saturated fats is ideal for pregnant women. However, it is always advisable for pregnant women to consult their GP or other qualified health professional before taking any food supplements.

Can children take Chlorella?

Yes, chlorella is a 100% natural whole food so is safe for children of any age. However, supplements should always be administered by an adult and care should be taken to keep them out of reach of children as extremely high doses of chlorella could result in an iron overdose.

It is packed with concentrated nutrients, children need it as much as anyone during their growth spurts that require extra nutrients.

Dosage for Children:
As Chlorella is 100% pure whole food, we are not aware of any contraindications for children to enjoy the benefits of taking Synergy Chlorella. Unlike most supplements, it does not contain isolated nutrients made in processing facilities (even though many say ‘natural’ on the label) that may cause imbalances. Therefore any surplus nutrients from Chlorella that the body may not need can easily be excreted out of a regularly-functioning body without stress or risk of imbalance.

As with most superfoods and supplements, the general rule is half a normal adult dose. If they are nutrient deficient, they can take amounts closer to the adult dose. Teenagers already have the body of a small adult so can take amounts closer to the adult range and especially during the adolescent years.