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Want beautiful skin? It comes from within

We all want skin that glows and reflects a healthy lifestyle. In today's society people have been conditioned to think that placing a miracle lotion or potion will unlock the fountain of youth and magically give you the skin you've always dreamed of. Now although natural oils and lotions indeed feed our skins vital force and provide it with hydrating, nourishing and bio active botanicals the real miracle ‘comes from within. The modern day diet is extremely high in processed and packaged foods that are not only high in chemicals, high GI, highly acidic and cause inflammation in our digestive system  but also cause a tirade of skin disorders and compromised nutrient absorption.

The secret to a healthy glow

Not to worry! Following a wholefoods diet rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, low in refined carbohydrates and high in fresh fruits/vegetables will see your skin truly glowing from within. My daily routine is simple and I always allow one day for preparation which is usually on a Sunday afternoon whilst bopping around the Mungbean house to my fave beats. The secret to a healthy glow is simple and when leading a chemical free wholefoods lifestyle and eating with a ‘from earth to your plate’ mantra you will always "Eat well, Feel well, Live well":

Dayne’s From Earth Daily Ritual

  1. Move 6:30am - Awake from 9 hours of blissful sleep and kick start my day with 30 mins of some light yoga stretches and sun salutations.
  2. Hydrate 7:00am - 200ml of lemon water and I take my Probiotics to kick start my digestive system, hydrate and alkalise my system.
  3. Nourish 7:15:am - I sit down to have my from earth greens which is a blend of kale, blueberries, filtered water, Sunwarrior protein and Synergy Super Greens. I then have a cup of red quinoa porridge, organic coconut milk and mixed oob organic berries.
  4. Nourish 10:00am -  I like to balance my blood sugar levels mid morning and afternoons with a cut up purple carrot and x 2 teaspoons 10g of an organic nut butter like activated almond butter.
  5. Nourish 1:00pm - Lunch for me consists of my salad in a jar where I use a base of alkalising greens and lightly steamed seasonal vegetables, beetroots, sweet potato, brussels sprouts, brocolini, capsicum, cucumber, cherry toms and spanish onion. I add either 100g of Organic chicken, 1 cup of quinoa, 1 cup of buckwheat  or x2 organic boiled eggs. I make my own dressing of apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon or lime.
  6. Nourish 3:00pm - Balance blood sugar levels with some cut up celery with your x2 teaspoons 10g of organic nut butter of choice.
  7. Move 5:30pm - I like to do a mix of exercise during the week which consists of HITT Training, Boxing, Yoga and Pilates. I don't always have the time to make it to the gym so I like to use the at home workouts powered by which give you a range of exercise routines to suit all levels and for both women and men.
  8. Nourish 7:00pm - I like to mix it up with a range of fresh salads, soups and steamed or baked white reef fish, wild caught Salmon or 100g of organic chicken breast with mixed lightly steamed greens together with steamed sweet potato and beetroot which I toss in organic extra virgin coconut oil and mixed turmeric spices.
  9. Restore 8:00pm - I take this time to kick back and enjoy a cleansing tea which usually consists of the Pukka tea "Cleanse" as it detoxify my skin and calms the mind  before settling in for my 9 hours of sleep.
  10. Rest 9:30pm - I like to do 5mins of light breathing exercises to the Album Govindas "worlds within": before sleep to calm the mind and let go of my day followed by a restoring night’s sleep.

I always cleanse my skin in the evening with billy goat baby cleansing bar and follow with the application of jojoba oil on wet palms to a wet face whilst in the shower and massage all over. I follow with an application of perfect potions hydrating serum around the eyes and my skin is ready for rest. I don't cleanse the skin in the morning as it’s good to let your skin naturally produce its oil production during the day and I will usually only use an application of jojoba oil in the colder months followed by some hydration around the eyes.

And finally, the most important element is hydration! Make sure to enjoy 1-1.5L per day and to use a BPA free bottle. Sip throughout the day maximum hydration and detoxification.  I like to drink Alkaline water with a PH of 8 or more.


Dayne Crocker - Nutritionist

Nutritionist Dayne specialises in examining your daily diet and lifestyle to establish any dietary deficiencies that may be impacting on your health. In his consultations he’ll shine a light on your bodily systems in review to get a clear indication of how your diet may be affecting your body’s functions.

His positive out look and zest for life are infectious. Dayne is regularly featured on TV and in magazines. Dayne’s passion is to empower all with the skills & knowledge to live a wholefood lifestyle full of abundance, education is power & his motto is simple, “Eat well, Feel well, Live well”.

Twitter@ daynecrocker



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