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Why Chlorophyll is so good for you

Posted by Ghalia Khan on
There are a million reasons why you need to eat healthy, exercise regularly, make sure you eat in moderation and generally look after yourself! Here at Synergy Natural we want to help you with this, and so we have created some of the best vitamin supplements around (yes, we may be slightly biased…!).
Before we go into any detail about our products though, we want to take you through one of the best ingredients you should look out for; Chlorophyll. You probably know that it is something which plants can’t do photosynthesis without, but did you know that it had an important part to play in human biology as well? Read on below to find out more and discover what Synergy Natural is doing to help get this vital ingredient into your diet.
  1. Chlorophyll Helps to fight Cancer
  2. Chlorophyll Improves Liver Detoxification
  3. Chlorophyll Speeds Up Wound Healing
  4. Chlorophyll Improves Digestion and Weight Control
  5. Chlorophyll Protects Skin


    Below are some great superfoods that contain Chlorophyll including Green Beans, Leeks, Spinach, Cabbage, and Sugar Snap Peas, but our Synergy Natural 100% Organic Chlorella is packed with readily bio-available chlorophyll, the highest amount of any known plant. You can take Chlorella with every meal or once a day. Perfect as a broad spectrum green superfood when mixed with Synergy Spirulina.



    Chlorella itself is a microscopic freshwater plant that is often referred to as one of ‘Nature’s Green Superfoods’. On a weight for weight basis it is one of the most nutritionally dense foods to be found in nature containing key vitamins, macro-minerals, trace minerals, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, proteins, nucleic acids and much more, in a form that is highly bio-available and which is therefore a perfect inclusion to a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Chlorella is excellent for cleansing and detoxifying the body and an exceptional choice for maintaining general well-being and healthy vibrancy.



    So what are you waiting for? With all the health benefits above, discover our Synergy Natural Supergreens range today, and get healthy the Synergy way!



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